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  • Focus panels and 3D tiles come in a range of solid colours 
  • Applications include panels for walls and ceilings, workstation panels, wall panelling and other decorative features. Is receptive to staples for education and office applications
  • Focus panels can be cut with a computer driven fabric knife: options include circles, ovals, clouds and other complex shapes
  • Can be folded into 3d geometries
  • High quality with design flexibility, thus can be manufactured to bespoke designs to suit architectural requirements
  • Can be printed with corporate logos or images, and etched or cut for branding  and bespoke options                                          



FOCUS Acoustic Polyester Panel

* Tested October 2018
Sound Absorption (9mm) 0.30 NRC with no airgap
0.60 NRC with 38/45mm airgap*
0.85 NRC with 200mm airgap
ISO 354:2003
ASTM C423 - 99
ISO 354:2003
Sound Absorption (12mm) 0.40 NRC with no airgap ISO 354:2003
Sound Absorption (18mm) 0.90 NRC with 38/45mm airgap* ISO 354:2003
Sound Absorption (24mm) 0.65 NRC with no airgap ISO 354:2003
Fire Test - ISO 9705 Group 1- S ISO 9705
Cleanroom Suitability ISO Class 3 ISO 14644.3:2015
Abrasion - Taber Type Test Rating 6 (1000 Cycles) GMW 3208-2007
Density 210kg/m3  
Composition 100% Polyester Fibre (PET). 60% recycled content
Weight 9mm: 1.9 kg/m2 18mm: 3.8 kg/m2
R-Value (m2k/w) 9mm: R0.2
SIZE Comes in various sizes but standard blanks are 1220 x 2440mm
Job specific cuts available
COLOUR Available in range of colour finishes



FOCUS 3D 3D Acoustic Ceiling Tile (Direct Fix)

Tested October 2018

Focus 3D Direct Fix NRC 0.6 ASTM C423-99
Focus 3D Direct Fix (Tested with 400mm airgap) NRC 0.8 ASTM C423-99
Fire Test  Group 1S ISO 9705:1993
Cleanroom ISO Class 3 ISO 14644.3:2015
SIZE 500 x 500mm (Clip System for Direct Fix)  
DESIGNS Available in Various Designs   
COLOUR Available in a range of colour finishes  


Installation Video

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